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Almost September

Halibut Meunière And Friends, originally uploaded by arahbahn.

Things I am enthused about:

  • The rain, today.
  • The chilis, in the garden. We shall make jalapeno poppers, perhaps to go with the…
  • Spare Ribs, tonight!
  • My friend Bevie is showing artwork in the Longellow Art Crawl, this weekend, and Julie and I are going to go check it out.
  • I’m going to plant some lettuce, spinach, and radish seeds, this weekend.
  • I’m going for a trail run, tomorrow.
  • We have a road trip planned. We’re heading to the Black Hills, in October. We will be camping, for the first time in years.
  • I’ve come up with a process modification, at work, that will help my coworkers. I think.


2 thoughts on “Almost September

  1. I just got back from my first trip to the Black Hills. The best parts are the least traveled, though I loved climbing Harney Peak in Custer Park; there’s a nice photo of it on my most recent blog post.

  2. Arah says:

    Hi Steve! I did see your recent post; that’s a great photo. I have been out to the Black Hills a few times, on climbing or camping trips, and have seen some of the less popular areas. Love it out there. I have not yet climbed Harney Peak.

    So, you are hanging up the… keyboard?… on the ultra blog, it sounds like. Maybe calling it quits on ultras, as well? Well, you did say that you’re a speed demon, so perhaps a change makes sense on that front, though I suppose all speed is relative:

    Life’s too short to waste on things you don’t enjoy doing. I find that in many ways I’m a serial hobbyist/athlete, which could be judged any number of ways. At least one common thread for me is that most of it has been in the outdoors, and involves movement.

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