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Feeling foody

Granny’s Best, originally uploaded by arahbahn.

I got a particularly enjoyable run in, this weekend, out at Afton. The temperature was excellent for running: 60s, sunny, and a light breeze. The scenery, at times was downright bewitching: my decision to take a spin through the short prairie wildflower loop transported me into a rolling sea of purple and copper grasses, accented with loud sparkles of golden black-eyed susan (or similar aster-type blooms). I can’t believe I didn’t have a camera with me. The long flat road along the river felt great, too.

That, however, was pretty much the extent of my non-food related activity, over the weekend, which I documented quite well, in Flickr. I cooked old family recipes, and tried new fangled ones. I ate vegetables from the garden, and planted seeds to produce more. I snacked on neighborhood treats, and dined at restaurants a few ‘hoods away (namely, Fireroast Mountain Coffee and Longfellow Grill).

It’s either fall, or I’m experiencing another one of my hobby-swings.