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In the middle of a staff meeting today, my mind and pencil wandered for a short spell, and I drew a familiar grid on my note pad. Along the top row were letters signifying the days of this week, and down the left side were 3 categories. I filled in the grid, in an effort to confirm that I was covering various bases, usually relating to fitness, so far this week. Sometimes the categories will address grander themes like “family,” travel,” “career,” and “creativity,” but the top row would then list the 12 months, rather than the 7 days of this week. The exercise has typically been one having to do with goal setting, rather than with achieving balance.

Today’s grid was different in that the categories shifted, from the last time I drew this grid, which was some time last fall, when I was finishing up my fall running season but ramping up my training for the Kortelopet ski race. Today, they read “cardio,” “strength,” and “relax.” So, a daily quota of relaxing activity has managed to oust “stretch,” “power,” or “intervals.”

Methinks this heavy dosage of yoga thinking and doing, so far this year, has thus affected my planning and/or analysis. Or, perhaps it’s even helped me move my focus more toward balance, on the weekly and even front.

That may evolve once I get closer to my two running races, this year, but this is still a noteworthy event. I’m counting non-sweaty yoga, reading a book, going for a walk, having dinner with friends, and gardening (as long as a hoe isn’t involved) as relaxing activities. Ogling my garden counts too, as I did a few days ago, when I took the photo at right. Love those adorable narcissus!