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View from the nest


All Day.

Here we are, the Monday after the snowing-all-day-Saturday Snowpocalypse, and my general assessment of the weekend was that it was tiring: right now, I’m sore all over from shoveling and from moving around, though, and over snow.

How did I lose the lovely feeling I had, late Saturday night? No hangover was involved. Maybe it’s a hangover of a different kind; a sort of whiplash I gave myself, by the action of seeking life balance.

At the end of Saturday, perhaps an hour or so before the snow finally stopped falling, I was loving our warm and cozy house and loving the way the weekend was going. We’d done some cleaning, living room rearranging, and even hung up a newly-framed Wing Young Huie print that I’d bought many years ago. I’d done a fair amount of baking in prep for our upcoming trip to visit relatives. We’d fixed one of my childhood favorite meals for dinner and had already gobbled up most of it. I’d gotten 3 rows of kitting done on the now 5-years going Wedding Wrap project. I’d even sorted though our mailbox, which had filled to the brim with nearly 5 months of filing and responses-that-could wait items. We saw a rare woodpecker, for us -a Flicker- at our backyard feeder. I practiced some gentle yoga in that freshly rearranged living room.

All of this work was, for me, more than the equivalent of “enough” exercise for me, so I wasn’t feeling anxious, as I often do at some point on weekends that don’t have specific fitness activities planned. This was the case for this weekend because at the onset, we were relatively sure that we’d get snowed and/or frozen indoors.

It’s funny how my primary conscious metric for measuring my general well-being is minutes spent doing fitness activities. Given the state of bliss that I had at the end of Saturday, it appears that I need to place a higher value on “arranging the nest” time. Yes, Saturday possibly went overboard on this type of activity, but it was likely overdue: I’d spent the fall and summer OD’ing on playing outside in the sun, in my free time.

Yoga Sutra evoked, here: Saucha, perhaps? My life needed order. Asteya? My running was stealing from my security needs. Lesson learned? Stay tuned.