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Treehouse love

Yachats Tree House 

A New Tree House, originally uploaded by arahbahn.

Technology has a way of making seemingly simple things maddeningly complicated.

Introducing the concept of a time-out is a very healthy thing to do, and I intend to do it even more often. Yesterday I took a digital sabbatical. One day, where I did not use the internet. Well, I caved because I was desperate to remember the word “Fougasse,” but outside of that I didn’t check email or participate any internet-aided social networking. And it was glorious! I read, watched a movie, walked to breakfast, and also somehow still managed to avoid my knitting project. Really, not that different of a Sunday than most, but my eyes needed the break from a screen, and my brain needed a break form the urgency and diplomacy of digital communication. I slept well, and arrived at Monday refreshed.

Pictured is a tree house that a community in Oregon built, together. The idea was from the kids, and the safety and structure was from the adults and an engineer brought in from another community. It’s frighteningly sturdy, but also deliciously true to form: useful for nothing other than being up in a tree. No roof, no walls, no protection. Just a more expansive view, a distance from normalcy.

Digital sabbatical = my treehouse. I’m going back there again, next Sunday, if not sooner.