Crunchy crooked forward what?

gong at River Garden Yoga

“That is a huge gong.”

I’ve had chapped lips for 2 weeks.

When last I did training for something big and athletic, my secret weapon was a deep-tissue massage every 5 weeks and a really tough weight training session, every Sunday. This time it’s getting comfortable with 5 runs per week – and organizing my runs so that I can get to a weekly yoga class and spend motoring time with fantastic husband (and his super fun new car). I changed it up out of desire to improve my running but also out of desire to set up time to spend with said husband.

I’m feeling strong as a runner but a little out of whack as me. One of my best friends at work, climbing and cake appreciation moved 1,669 miles away last fall. I’m teaching not four but one yoga class per week. My body spends seven times as much time in the car each week. I’m no longer the knowledgable long-timer at work. I have six…SIX! socks that have lost their matches in the last month.

Those are some of the losses. The recent victories include: better pay in new job, new challenges. New faces, plenty of new things to learn in a new business for me. New conversation topics at breakfast and dinner. New opportunities to listen to great podcasts. That one awesome yoga class I teach each week is populated with a terrific and slowly growing pack of regular students. I continue to discover new music (thanks to husband and Adrienne) and great pose sequences and cues (thanks to the Ted Roseen classes I attend on Saturdays).

Change is good, right?

I don’t know if the chapped lips are due to exposure while running, or nervous chewing on said lips.

I’ve had a kink in my neck for two weeks now, which might be due to something in my new work arrangement – the longer drive that can’t be substituted for a 40-minute walk, the open seating arrangement that offers less privacy but more communication, the laptop, the ebb and flow of my project. Sleeping hard, or not sleeping well at all. Worrying about new things. Or old things. Plenty.

My friend Amy suggested I come to her gong meditation class at River Garden Yoga tonight, tempting me with words like relaxationhealing and even gong which brings not fond memories of TV talent competitions and Jamie Farr. “Sign me up!” was my reply. This is a Friday, a rest day in my training. It’s just another -additional- day in my 14-day run with this sore neck that doesn’t seem to allow me to sleep as restfully as I desire. As part of the practice tonight we needed to choose an intention – sort of like the sankalpa in Yoga Nidra. I did not hesitate to be extremely precise with mine: “Release the movement restriction in my neck. PLEASE.” This was not a day for “I have compassion for me” or “I am steady.”

You know, it kind of worked.

Time for bed.