Brown Pelicans on Gulf of Mexico
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Pelicans, Ría Lagartos and Borges

Returning from travel to a warm place with family over the holidays, I find this partial poem to be resonant. I hadn’t read much Borges before finding this in one of the books I read while on the trip, Eye of the Fish by Luis Francia.

He who believes
He’s left his home already has come back.
Life is a future and well-traveled track.
Nothing dismisses us. Nothing leaves.

Excerpt from For a Version of I Ching, Jorge Luis Borges (trans. by Eric McHenry). Jorge Luis Borges. Selected Poems. Edited by Alexander Coleman. New York: Viking, 1999. Pages 382-383.

Soon, I will share a story and some photos from the trip to the Yucatán peninsula. Stay warm! It’s a chilly one in Minnesota, this week.